In The Quiet

One of my favorite sounds is the “pop” that canning jars make as they seal. I know, silly right? Well I love it. It reminds me of my childhood and also just has this homey feel to it.

Unfortunately I don’t get to hear the “pop” very often. My house is usually a hub of activity and with that comes noise and lots of it. Now I do enjoy the sounds of children and all that comes with it, but tonight as I sit here finishing up the rest of my first batch of salsa for this year I am enjoying the quiet. Everyone else has gone to bed and the house is still. Generally I would be in bed now too. Tonight though I get a little blessing is disguise. At first I wasn’t all that pleased when I realized I would be staying up late to finish my canning that I had started earlier in the afternoon, but now I am cherishing this time. I put some relaxing lavender essential oil in my diffuser, sat down uninterrupted, and now I can spend some time reading. And of course I get to listen for the “pop.”


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