MOPS Meeting #2



Earlier this week we had our second MOPS meeting. It was a really great time! There were a couple of new moms that came this time. It is always exciting seeing new faces, and of course I love seeing familiar faces as well.

We had a woman come in from our local pregnancy care center to speak to us this time. She talked some about the care center and what they do at all three of their locations. The Endless Mountain Pregnancy Care Center is an awesome ministry to our community and has been a huge blessing to so many moms in this area, this mom included. As well as speaking about the care center she also talked to us about relationships and love. She encouraged us to invest in our relationships, with our families, friends, and God. She also talked about love being a choice that we have to consciously make moment by moment, some moments being harder than others.

As we broke up into our discussion groups we talked more about love and relationships. We also talked about taking time to refuel ourselves, and by doing that we are benefiting our relationships. When we take that time to refuel we are often a better mom and wife. I know that if I don’t get a little bit of time to myself regularly I will become overwhelmed with all my responsibilities. I like to take a few minutes, or some days longer, in the afternoon after the kids are down for their naps to spend some time relaxing. Sometimes it is just eating lunch in peace and quiet. I find that time really does help me reset myself. Also I try to make a point to spend time with my husband on a regular basis without children inturuptions. We need that time to connect with each other. With three children it can be hard to have a regular date night out, but on most Sunday afternoons we take an hour or two and spend time just the two of us while the kids are napping after church. Another way to refuel is to spend time with friends, which is why I look forward so much to MOPS twice a month. Having that time with other moms who I can relate to is such so refreshing.

Investing time in our relationships with our spouse and friends is so important, as well as investing time with our children. I admit that having three little ones does make it hard to get that quality time with each of them, but I do my best. They need that time with their mommy, having my undivided attention is important to them. Lately we have been letting them each take a turn staying up just ten minutes later than the others. They get to spend that time with me and/or Daddy doing something they enjoy. It really does make difference and deepens our relationships with our children.

Most importantly we need to be investing in our relationship with God. When I neglect that relationship I find that all of my other relationships suffer. Spending time with Him is the ultimate refuel. I also see that becoming a mother has changed my relationship with God. I view things a lot differently now. It really does take me to a deeper sense of trusting Him, because I see my need for Him more I think. I also have found a greater perspective of His love for me. I look at the way I love my children and how I would give up everything for them. I can be confident that God loves me the same way, only so much more. I see more of His Father’s love for me.

We did a craft again this time after the discussion groups. I made sure that I had everything with me this time, plus I remembered what I had forgotten last time. Yay!

We made name tags for ourselves to use at our meetings. They will be much nicer than just using the sticker name tags. I showed them how to make a fabric flower by rolling strips of fabric. They came out really nice and it was neat to see them all finished. (I completely forgot to get a picture of them all together, but I will get one for you next time and update it here.) We attached the flowers to laminated paper with our names and glued it to a magnet that will hold it onto our clothing. Our discussion groups are separated by different color flowers. So on each name tag there is color in some way or another to signify which group we are in.




Our First MOPS Meeting


Well it finally came. Yesterday was our very first MOPS meeting. We have spent  so much time preparing for and praying about this. It is exciting to see it finally be here.

The turnout surprised all of us. There were more moms and children than we expected, which is amazing. It was a thrill seeing mom after mom walk through that door. I enjoyed talking to their little ones. Watching their faces as they dropped their children off with the childcare volunteers was priceless. The blessing that we can be to these moms is so rewarding. I am looking forward to making connections and building relationships with each one this year.

My good friend and one of the moms on our steering committee shared her story with us. She has an amazing testimony. She encouraged us to look at our own story as a mom and be mindful of the ups and downs. She reminded us look to those around us when we need support and also be an encouragement to others when we see that they are in need. We then used our discussion group time to get to know those in our group a little more closely, and to share some of our story. I really enjoyed talking to the other moms and hearing their thoughts. As a discussion group leader I am looking forward to that part of each MOPS meeting. I am excited for friendships we are forming.

As the creative activities leader I did a craft for the moms to put together. A friend of mine and fellow craft enthusiast actually put the craft together for me this time. Unfortunately me being forgetful as I am had to leave half of the supplies on my kitchen counter. So needless to say we were not able to complete the entire project, and I will take the rest of the supplies next time for them. I guess this is all about being real and I displayed that well.  HaHa!

I would like to show you what we made and give simple directions for you to make it for yourself if you would like.

A shopping list or place to make notes for yourself.
Supplies Needed: ~ small wooden board ( I stained mine, but you could leave it natural if you would like) ~ roll of paper (like would go in a calculator) ~ piece of twine (about 15 inches long)~ large binder clip ~ large rubber band
Supplies Needed:
~ small wooden board ( I stained mine, but you could leave it natural if you would like)
~ roll of paper (like would go in a calculator)
~ piece of twine (about 15 inches long)~ large binder clip
~ large rubber band
Place the binder clip at the top of the board. Put the twine in between the board and clip.
Thread the twine through the paper roll. Tie at the side. Stretch the rubber band around the bottom of the board. This will be used to keep the paper in place when it is rolled out.

Run The Race

This morning as I was doing my devotions I was really challenged. I often get very discouraged that things don’t go as I plan, or I don’t see things happening as quickly as I would like them to. As I was reading I was reminded that as we see what we want we need we need to set goals for ourselves to get there. It may be something like making a large life improvement or lifestyle change, or maybe it is something that may seem smaller but still makes a big impact. Whatever it may be we can’t let the thought of that end result seeming so big and out of reach that we don’t take any steps forward.

We need to first pray about it and make sure that are thoughts and plans are in line with God’s. Ask for His help and His guidance. I am only able to be who I am with Him leading and guiding me. So it makes perfect sense to start there.

Next we need to set goals. For me one thing that I struggle with is keeping my house as clean as I would like it. Now I know that it is not always going to look perfect. We have three small children in our house and it is going to look lived in. But there are things I can do to make it look better than it does. For example, in the middle of my kitchen I have a big island. I love it! It is one of my favorite parts of the kitchen, but because it is so large it tends to get cluttered really quickly. So I have decided that for the next week my goal is to keep my island clean and free of clutter. It may seem like something little and insignificant, but to me it is a big thing. It will take the stress level of “my house is a mess” down a notch. I have to start somewhere.

I am taking my situation and looking for one thing that I can to do to get to my end goal. Like running a race, if all you do it sit there and look way ahead to finish line and make no action you will never get there. To achieve your goal you have to take action, one step at a time. Each step has a purpose. Each step gets you closer to the finish line.

So as I look at my house I see one thing that I can do to improve it. I am going to make the commitment to take action. And the more that I do it the easier it will become. Keeping that island clean will become more of a habit. Once I have made that adjustment then I am ready to take the next step. And step by step I will get closer to my goal.

Now is the perfect time to take action! Stop just sitting there looking at the finish line and focus on the next step or even the first step. Make a commitment to run that race. However fast or slow you may go isn’t the issue, it is all about just moving towards the goal.