MOPS: Raising Boys

We have an extra week this month in between MOPS meeting since September had 5 Tuesdays. So this week I was excited for it to be a MOPS week. We continue to have new moms coming to our meetings. I love seeing our group grow!

This week a good friend of mine came and talked to us about raising boys. She is a mom of three boys (plus a little girl on the way!) She has a great testimony and so much wisdom and insight. She has been a great encouragement to me during the past couple years as I have gotten to know her better.

I never imagined the difference between raising boys and girls until I became a mom of a little girl and then eighteen months later we added a baby boy to the mix. Now we are a family with two sons. As soon as my son started to become mobile and interactive with others I realized I had a lot of learning and growing ahead of me.

Boys tend to be much more active and aggressive (not necessarily in a bad way). The climb, everything! They find satisfaction is pursuing things and accomplishing tasks.

Boys are messy! When we sit down for meals my daughter is so careful to keep herself and her space clean. She wipes her mouth after every bite. Then you look over to my son’s space. The table, the floor, his clothes, goodness even his hair is covered in food that didn’t make it to his mouth. He doesn’t mind. My sons love to play in the sandbox and mud. Driving trucks and tractors in the sandbox provides hours of fun.

Boys are loud! Both my boys like to go into the milk house in the barn because it is the perfect place to yell and hear the sound vibrate and echo. My house is noisy. And honestly sometimes it does get to me, but I have learned to embrace it. My children are learning and growing through their play and sometimes that requires a bit of noise.

Boys I love cause and effect! My boys find joy in the “if I do this what will happen?” experience. Sometimes it is fun and harmless. Other times it is difficult to deal with. Pulling Sissy’s hair just to hear her scream. Can anyone relate? These are perfect teaching opportunities.

Boys are very protective! My three-year old would do anything for his sister if he felt she was being wronged. He is always watching out for her even at this young age. Growing up I had a younger brother and it was always such a comfort know that even though we had our differences he always had my back. If we encourage this in our boys the will grow up to be men that are compelled to take care of those that they love. They will make good husbands and fathers.

Boys love their mothers! I know that my daughter loves me and we do share a bond that I am not able to share with my boys. But in the same way I see that my boys have a special bond with me that is like nothing else. I am the one they come to when they need comfort and help. I am the one they one they look to meet their needs.

When I look at my boys I not only see who they are now but I also look at who I hope they become. I want to instill in them now the things that I feel would make them good men. As their mom I am the first woman they will interact with. Some day my boys will probably be husbands and fathers. I want to equip them with the skills now to flourish in those roles.

As their mom I also want to encourage their father to be a role model for them. I want to encourage him to teach them and guide them in becoming a man of God. He is who they are going to look up to and imitate. I have this amazing opportunity to let them see how a man and woman relate with each other. By letting their father be the man and spiritual leader of our house they are seeing and learning from our examples. When I value myself it lets my boys see that women have value and men should treat them like they are valuable. My husband is a wonderful man and I love the example that he is for our sons. My role is to let him be that example and encourage him in it.

Some days being a mom can seem overwhelming, whether you have boys or girls. I know there are times when I just don’t feel equipped to do this job. Well guess what, on my own I am not able. I need the support of others. Our MOPS group has been a great source of help and encouragement. Also having close friends that are going through it themselves is in my opinion necessary. There are countless times that I have received encouragement and direction from a friend that has helped me get through a difficult situation or even just a difficult day. The great thing is that I also have the opportunity to be there for them when they need it. I love how community works.

As much as I feel having a great support system is necessary it does not compare to the wisdom, guidance, direction, and love that I get from my relationship with God. He unltimitely is the one that I lean on. He gave me the children that He did because He knows that I am the mom that they needed, and they are the children that I need. He will equip me with what I need to raise these children. He is the one that I look to daily, hourly for the wisdom to raise my children.

Raising my boys is the hardest, most tiring,  most fulfilling, most rewarding, and hands down the best job I have ever had.


Now it is your turn. I want to hear from you! What do you have to add? What things have you learned while raising your boys?


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